Business Strategists
Maritime & Logistics and Associates is a team of strategists and business shipping consultants representing a network of global and local providers of seaborne transport and logistics services. M&L and Associates has been responsible for producing many successful supply chain and international logistics solutions to a wide range of multi-national and small to medium corporations throughout the world.

M&L offers a full range of international sea and air freight services. We have strong strategic alliances with the world’s leading shipping and stevedoring companies, hauliers, brokers, consultants and local authorities to ensure efficient and cost effective research & advisory services.

Ultimately we do contribute and assist our customers to increase revenues and/or reduce costs in their/our shipping and logistics ventures throughout the world.

"Trust, honesty, transparency and accountability are the building blocks of a positive reputation. Focus and specialization are the foundation of a business relationship. Know-how is relevant, but the key point is to understand".

Rafael Llerena, CEO


Maritime & Logistics: Shipping Advisors
Maritime & Logistics is recognised as a leading supplier of comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date shipping advice around the globe.
Maritime & Logistics: Supply Chain Advisors
We improve supply chain performance with distribution center optimization, transportation optimization and supply chain planning.
Maritime & Logistics: Management Solutions
M&L Management Solutions empower local shipping and logistics companies to respond to business priorities and competitive pressure with loyal marketing and managerial solutions, with a deep know-how of the international shipping dynamics.
Maritime & Logistics: Project Development
We develop projects from the outset. We ensure a successful basic framework with feasibility studies, technical studies, business plans and market analysis, dedicated to the shipping & logistics industries.
Maritime & Logistics: Equity Search, Selection and Advice
We access to first class information up-to-date sources within the shipping and logistics industries. We are a leading INDEPENDENT equity shipping research company, with a honest and clear view: It ought to help investors to allocate money more profitably.
Maritime & Logistics: Facilitators & Agency Representation
We facilitate your access to the key persons within our network of contacts in the worldwide shipping & logistics industries. We assist you to increase your principals portfolio and gain appointments or agency representations for your country or territory. We can be or act as your “Agency Department”, searching and implementing with you new liner or non-liner agency deals.
Maritime & Logistics: Marketing Support
We assist your organization to better market and present it to enterprises, groups and decision makers, around the world


After a no-cost telephone or email consultation, if you feel your shipping and/or logistics business and Maritime & Logistics is a good match we will set up an initial face-to-face in-depth consultation meeting. This meeting will take approximately 2-3 hours. The cost for this initial visit ranges between 300 EUR - 700 EUR.

If this meeting held electronically (e.g. Skype), it’ll take 1-2 hours and cost shall range 200 EUR – 500 EUR. After the consultation, if you choose not to utilize our services, the advice and recommendations you received to that point are yours. If you agree to continue the consulting process with us, you will be invoiced based on the following payment schedule or on a special fee schedule determined at the time of the visit.

Remember, we are in this together and your success is our success.

Consultation Fees
Telephone or first Email Consultation
No charge
Initial in-person Consultation
300 EUR - 700 EUR
Initial Skype or E-meeting Consultation
200 EUR – 500 EUR
Consultation Service Fees
Report Analysis
100 EUR
Hourly Rate
200 EUR per hour
Daily Rate
1500 EUR per day (avg. 187.50 EUR per hour)
Weekly Rate
6000 EUR per week (avg. 150.00 EUR per hour)
Mileage Charge
50 EUR per km
Business Plan Development
Basic Plan (client supplies market analysis)
800 EUR – 1000 EUR
Average more complex plans
1500 EUR -5,000 EUR range
Large scale plans
Can range up to 15,000 EUR
Special Project or Research Fee
Consulting on a per Project Basis

Plus any additional travel and business related expenses.
A small investment in your shipping and logistics business will go a long way in your success.

Become a Member:
Ask for our Consultant Member Selection Program (CMSP) and for our one-off yearly Membership fees.
Mail: info@maritime-logistics.net


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